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If you take a good look around the erotic market, most of the time you will be able to find a new line of toys from various manufacturers on a monthly basis. With such a large amount of new products, it is important to raise oneself above the rank and file, by means of a unique selling feature, in order to emphasise the uniqueness of ones own products. This is exactly what the German erotic enterprise Orion has managed to do with their Close2you line, because the basic concept follows a musical theme, which up until now, has never been seen before. <\/p>\n

\n It is the perfect seduction scenario: A room full of systematically positioned candles, a warming flame in the fireplace, a comfortable blanket is placed in front of the fire and next to it a couple of glasses, a decanter of wine and selected tropical fruits and other delicacies make the picture complete. But wait! Something very important is missing! What is the use of having such a perfect atmosphere, if the appropriate mood is missing? And what is better than music to put one in the mood? Soft, classical orientated sounds that prepare ones senses for tender and passionate caresses. Notes that will touch the soul, allowing one to surrender to love. So music can\u2019t be left out of the perfect seduction scene! This is exactly what the Flensburg based company Orion recognised, even if the music plays a deciding role in a different way here. Music makes the soul sing. With the toys from the new Close2you line, which were presented for the first time at the 13th Venus in Berlin, it\u00b4s all about the body. But even still, both are closely related to each other in a thematic sense. The Orion employees took a closer look at the word vibrator: \u201cVibrato\u201c, from the Italian language, is mainly used in music and basically means the slight tremor of a note through quick recurrence. Once you know that, you soon realise just how similar sex toys and music really are. This is why the people at Orion worked logically and consistently on the new range of products, which were meant to unite the similarities of lust and melody, in order to be able to experience passion and closeness in a more intense manner \u2013 in a word, Close2you.
\nSo it\u2019s no wonder that this connection is also reflected in the names of the five individual products and their sensual qualities. For example you have the \u201cSinfonia\u201c, which typifies the musical category Symphonies and the slightly curved silicone sex toy can be used both vaginally and anally. The \u201cHarmonia\u201c is literally a manifestation of harmony, which basically means \u2018origin\u2019. In the music it is the anchoring point of all melodies, to that effect, for Orion and Close2you, the \u201dHarmonia\u201c is a linear shaped G-spot vibrator with an anatomically fitted design. A musical opus generally means the complete works of an individual artist \u2013 and one such artist is the pleasure provider \u201cOpus\u201c, with its bent angle of 180 degrees that makes it easy to reach the depths of the G-spot and at the same time, offering stimulation to any other part of the body for that matter. <\/p>\n\t\n

\n It is not only violin players that will be able to enjoy the \u201cLegamento\u201c, but in music they predominantly play two notes in a legamento, letting them melt into one. Once again the name of this toy says it all, because the \u201dLegamento\u201c is a clitoral vibrator with two different stimulation spots. The Orion designers have taken just as much freedom as a composer would do when writing a rhapsody, in developing the \u201cRhapsodia\u201c, which stands out because of its imaginative shape with the different sized beads, which contain vibro-balls within. Furthermore, the \u201cRhapsodia\u201c is not only good for anal and vaginal enjoyment, it is also perfect for massages or foreplay. The encore is given by the \u201cGlissando\u201c. Musically, the term glissando means that one should move smoothly from one note to the next. In the world of erotic accessories, a lubricant is just begging to have this as its product name. These are all prime examples of musical manifestations, which couldn\u2019t have been better conceived, as the Orion Press Representative, Ann-Kathrin D\u00f6bbeke, confirmed: \u201dWith Close2you we are taking a new direction in the love toy sector. We have included the fusion of music and emotions in the product philosophy. We see the Close2you products as instruments of passion and have symbolically included this in the design. The corresponding decoration was derived from a clef.\u201c
\nThe first presentation of the new Close2you line was almost just as important as a well-thoughtout design concept, which is why the people at Orion were very happy to find a well-known German celebrity, Nadja Abd El Farrag, as the face for their advertising campaign. After all, Nadja Abd El Farrag was the Venus ambassador 2009 and in Germany she is generally recognised for lifestyle and enjoying life to the full, and thanks to her experience as a singer and as DJ Jane, she also has a musical connection, so she is basically the perfect candidate. As well as this, the toys of the new collection are of such high quality and so elegant, that a person who is in the public eye isn\u2019t ashamed to associate herself with them, as Nadja Abd El Farrag confirmed: \u201dThese days it is natural to speak about erotic products without any inhibitions. I am really impressed with the Close2you products and wouldn\u2019t think twice about recommending them to a friend!\u201d \n <\/p>\n<\/div>"}