Close2you: The second generation01.03.2011<\/span><\/h3>\n \n

The premiere is just a few weeks away:
\n The new pleasure compositions<\/strong><\/p>\n

They take sonorous names like Allegro, Rondo, Triole, Loa or Flores and their soft vibrations play the unmistakable melody of lust. Like the previous line, the new Close2you lovetoys create a piece-of-art-experience \u2013 and brings an all new understanding to the powerful combination of rhythm and vibrations.
\n The premiere is just a few weeks away!
\n And we await the five new Close2you-faces to enter the scene of pleasure appearing in two luscious, artful colours to complete and enrich the Close2you orchestra.<\/p>\n

Let them take you to a pleasurable and tuneful expedition \u2013 this is our promise:
\nit will be a fantastic and pure pleasure for your senses!
\n Have fun and enjoy the thrilling waiting for the new Close2you lovetoys!<\/p>\n<\/div>"}